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Raj Glazier family of inter layers encompasses a wide range of innovative sohltjons and benefits that enable architects, designers, and engineers to use glass for functions and applications never before thought possible. 

Raj Glazier interlayer are permanently laminated together between two pieces of glass to form a durable, easy to maintain glazing Raj Glazier Design, part of Glazier family, selection of patterns, colors, and metallic combi specifies to create interior exterior spaces with innovation and individuality. With unmatched design flexibility and creative freedom, Raj Glazier Design also offers the additional proven performance benefits of laminated glass.
Laminated glass is the only glass to provide durability, high-performance and multi-functional benefits, while preserving the aesthetic appearance of the glass. Laminated glass made with Raj Glazier Design products furnishes solutions to many architectural design challenges.





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Raj Glaizer Private Limited is a client oriented company offering top-notch services at practicable cost. Our team provides consumer affable services and struggle hard to maintain sociable relations. We provide personalized solutions to our clients. Being a fringe between our consumers and their environment, we put in our uphill struggle to impart our consumers with autonomy and wellbeing. Consequently, we place imperative connotation on providing most beneficial gratification to our clients through thriving execution of our interior services. The services provided by us are Eco –Friendly and are in accordance with the International standards.